ACK Network

An Unturned Server Network

ACK Network

Welcome to ACK! We are a growing community that has taken an interest in running video game servers for Unturned! We are currently working on expanding our infrastructure, as well as our playerbase. Feel free to take a look at our website and we hope you enjoy your time on here!

Staff List

Profile Picture Nickname Rank Steam Discord
Ascivv Owner 76561198336718687 Ascivv#4883
Salti Snail Staff Manager 76561193821395518 Salti Snail#7073
Dyte Head Administrator 76561198416678118 Dyte#9615
Just_A_Watermelon Head Administrator 76561198166139723 Just_A_Watermelon#4095
Mustard Administrator 76561198007026270 Mustard#0895
yes Administrator 76561198384474133 ya boi#1675
TheHungryMachu [NEGEV] Administrator 76561198834522184 Mr. Machu#1497
HUNTER4639 Moderator 76561198192957501 HUNTER4639#9630
CraftBoyGaming Moderator 76561198134685996 CraftBoyGaming#0001
El_Tio Moderator 76561198257223281 El_Tio#1187
Tinster101 Moderator 76561198218559164 Tinster101#4796
RC-1207 Moderator 76561198135881084 RC-1207#6816
Toasterbutt50 Moderator 76561198149107757 M.T.Solocup#8630
Aspect Moderator 76561198310272922 Aspect#1057

* Note that we are not including Trial Moderators in this list

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